​                            Wallcoverings                                 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

               Express the inner you with Paint & Paper!

​One mistake made when installing wall covering is improper preparation of the walls before wallpaper application. We recommend the use of wallpaper primer/sizing in liquid form which is far superior to the old powder-mix primer/sizing.


                                        Pre-pasted Do it Yourself Wallpaper:

​Pre pasted wallpaper is most commonly used by homeowners that want to do the project themselves. They purchase their paper from either an online service or a home center. While this may seem simpler, the homeowner will still have to follow all of the steps of soaking the individual strips of the rolls into a trough of water, measuring, cutting, folding, booking, and applying the wallpaper to the walls. Often times, these DIY wallpapers easily damage due to improper handling or preparation.

                    Non-pasted: (Professional Grade Wallpaper & Wall Covering)

​A non-pasted wall covering requires the application of a special adhesive and primer depending on the specific substrate and the wall conditions. Continuing education seminars enable our team to remain apprised of any changes in the industry. By doing so, this even enables our contractors to easily install wall covering that consumers have purchased from foreign countries that does not come with instructions in English.

                                                             Commercial Grade Wall coverings:

These solid vinyl wall coverings come in three weights: 8 oz., 12 oz. and 20 oz. per square ft. and are suited for high traffic areas that receive more wear. You will see this wall covering in offices, hospitals, hotels, airports, and boats. Many homeowners appreciate it for its strength, wash ability, durability, and wear for children's playrooms, entertainment rooms, theaters, garages, bathrooms, and home offices. These fabric backed vinyl wallpapers come in many different textures, styles, and colors. Over a period of time, these wall coverings prove more economical and practical than re-painting.

                                                      Designer Wallpapers:  

These high end works of art are mostly purchased through an interior designer, architect, or design center and must be professionally cut, trimmed, and installed by a master craftsman trained in the paperhanging trade. Many require selvage removal and liner paper installation prior to wall covering installation. When  clients have a specific request, like the reproduction of a specific image or historical pattern onto a backing or substrate, many will require the installation over a liner paper, canvas, or muslin first. 


                                       Anaglypta, Lincrusta, & Superglypta:

The bumpy raised embossed wallpapers are great for imperfect walls and ceilings because they act as a disguise over uneven surfaces. And  when used creatively, they add architectural beauty and interest to any room. Use them on a ceiling and it looks the old fashioned tin ceiling in a bar or a restaurant. If you get tired of the color, just paint over it! We recently painted an old Victorian interior ceiling over anaglypta in gold metallic paint. It came out looking spectacular!

                                               Beaded and Stone wallpaper:

These papers require extremely delicate handling and care and without proper planning the project could turn into a disaster. Thomas and his team are certified and trained in high-end exotic Stony Brook, Weathered Stone, and Maya-Romanoff installation to take on any large or small scale job. Recently we installed a designer gold plated and metallic wall covering in a wedding gown display area in the highly prestigious Priscilla of Boston bridal shop.

                         Murals, Graphics, Scenics, and Custom Reproductions:

Today more consumers are ordering custom murals made for the dimensions of their walls reproduced from either a favorite photo, scene, or art painting of their liking.  We have accounts with companies that can reproduce any image of your choice onto a wall covering that can be installed anywhere in your home or office. If you would like, our team can also take professional quality photographs and send these photographs to these companies for you.  


                               Commercial Mural Graphic For Children's Fitness Club, Warrington, PA

                                       Grass cloth, Burlap, and Wood wall coverings:

Grass cloth has made a big comeback since it's origination in southeast Asia. The appearance of natural strands of dried grass, fabric, and wood have attracted building and homeowners again and now come in more colors, textures, and thicknesses. Because of their natural beauty, expect to see natural shading in in these materials since you are buying natural material. These more expensive wall coverings require the knowledge, planning, and inspection of a professional paperhanger before getting installed. Many require the installation of a blank stock liner wallpaper first to eliminate shrinkage, ink bleeding, or damage to the face of the product. 

             Decorative Ceiling Panels in Wood, Sheet metal, Laminate,and Polyurethane

Many styles of decorative ceilings have made a big comeback in the last few years. Folks are now requesting these new materials to add architectural interest, character, drama, and texture to a boring room. Why not make the ceiling the highlight of the room?



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