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As professional painters we emphasize the importance of prep work before the painting begins. After hearing all the hype regarding 'paint and primer all in one' products homes owners believe the critical part of a quality paint or wall covering project can be overlooked. The longevity and durability of the finish will be severely compromised requiring more coats of paints and maintenance over time costing more. Do-it -yourself folks soon find that the trendy paint and primers in one have more water, less pigment, less binder, and poor resins meaning less coverage. Of course that's great for the home centers, yet the homeowners winds up having to buy more much more paint than expected. Soon imperfections, transparency, flashing of patch, and hot spots appear requiring frustrating repaints. Sure you can do the work yourself, hire your college age neighbor, father-in-law, handyman, or referral service, but if you're looking for a professional that understands the technical foundation of a quality paint project, call us. We're happy to provide you with certification, insurance, references, a professionally equipped van, and painter for a professional price. Stocked with designer paint and wallpaper swatches, Thomas will provide you with architectural guidance and interior decorating advice to help you make the right choice for your newly anticipated interior project. Can't finish the decorating project you started? Just give us a call at (610) 291-6221, or (267) 461-3445